Unveiling the Talent: Boyz Marathi Movie Actress Name Revealed

Boyz Marathi Movie Actress Name

The Marathi film industry, often referred to as Marathi Chitrapat is a beacon of rich storytelling and cultural heritage in India. In 2017, the Marathi film industry gifted audiences with “Boyz“, a movie that quickly became a topic of discussion for its vibrant portrayal of teenage life. Directed by Vishal Devrukhkar, “Boyz” is a film that resonates with the youth, capturing the essence of adolescence, friendship, and self-discovery. Its unique blend of humour, drama, and relatable characters made it a standout in Marathi cinema, appealing to a wide range of audiences and leaving a lasting impact.

Central to the film’s success is the enigmatic presence of the ‘boyz Marathi movie actress name’, a query that has piqued the interest of many. The actress in question brought to life a character pivotal to the film’s narrative and left a lasting impression on the audience. Her portrayal blended innocence, strength, and relatability, making her character a memorable part of the movie. As we delve deeper into the world of “Boyz”, let’s uncover the talent behind this intriguing query and celebrate the actress who added a significant charm to this beloved film.

Boyz Marathi Movie Actress: Ritika Shrotri

Ritika Shrotri, synonymous with youthful exuberance and talent in the Marathi film industry, first caught the public’s eye with her remarkable performance in “Boyz”. Born on December 20, 2000, in Pune, Maharashtra, Ritika stepped into acting at a young age, starting her career as a child actor. Ritika’s early education was at SPM English School, Sadashiv Peth, Pune, and she later attended S P College in Pune. Her journey in the entertainment industry began with small roles, but it was her dynamic presence and natural acting skills that quickly set her apart.

Ritika Shrotri

Ritika’s acting journey began with her appearance in the serial “Guntata Hriday He” alongside Mrinal Kulkarni, Pallavi Subhash, and Sandeep Kulkarni, where she played the role of Devi. She also appeared in the film “Prem Mhanje Prem Mhanje Prem Asta” directed by Mrinal Kulkarni, portraying the character of Ashu. In 2012, she was seen in the TV series “Dabba Gul” and “Be Dune 10″. However, ” Boyz ” truly put her on the map as a rising star in Marathi cinema. Her ability to bring authenticity to her characters and her charismatic screen presence have made her a favourite among audiences and critics.

Following “Boyz”, Ritika appeared in “Bucket List” with Madhuri Dixit and Sumeet Raghavan, released in 2018. Her filmography includes roles in “Takatak,” “Darling,” and her Hindi debut in “Meenakshi Sundareshwar”. In 2023, she was cast in the Marathi film “Sari” as Dia and reprised her role as Grace in “Boyz 4”.

Her Role in “Boyz”: Bringing Grace to Life

In “Boyz”, Ritika Shrotri played the character of Grace, a pivotal role that added depth and nuance to the film. Grace is not your typical teenage girl; she is intelligent, independent, and has a certain charm that makes her stand out. Ritika’s portrayal of Grace perfectly blends innocence and maturity, reflecting the complexities and challenges of teenage life. Her character is central to the film’s narrative, providing a balance to the antics of the main male protagonists. Ritika’s performance was widely praised for its authenticity and the emotional depth she brought to the character, making Grace a memorable and relatable figure in Marathi cinema.

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Through her role in “Boyz”, Ritika Shrotri showcased her acting skills and established herself as a promising talent capable of handling diverse and challenging roles. Her portrayal of Grace indicates her potential to become one of the leading actresses in the industry.

Behind the Scenes of “Boyz”

“Boyz” is set against the backdrop of a boarding school, a setting that instantly connects with anyone who has experienced the rollercoaster of adolescence. The film revolves around three young boys, Kabir, Dhungya, and Dhairya, each from different backgrounds but united by the common experiences of teenage life. The story navigates through their mischiefs, challenges, and the bonds they form. It’s a tale that beautifully captures the essence of youth, complete with its trials, triumphs, and the journey of self-discovery.

boyz marathi movie

Under the direction of Vishal Devrukhkar, “Boyz” emerges as a film that is both entertaining and thought-provoking. Devrukhkar’s approach to storytelling is evident in his balancing of humour with deeper emotional themes. His direction ensures that the film resonates with a sense of authenticity, making the characters’ journeys feel real and relatable. The screenplay, co-written by Rahul Odak and Vishal Devrukhkar, is crafted with a keen understanding of the teenage psyche, blending light-hearted moments with the complexities of growing up.

The casting of “Boyz” was crucial in bringing the story to life. The filmmakers were looking for actors who could embody the characters and bring freshness and authenticity to the roles. Ritika Shrotri was chosen for the role of Grace because of her natural acting ability and ability to connect with the character on a deeper level. Her previous work had already showcased her talent, but it was her audition for “Boyz” that truly impressed the casting directors and Devrukhkar. Ritika’s portrayal of Grace required a balance of innocence and maturity, something she managed to capture effortlessly. Her selection for the role was a testament to her acting skills and potential to bring a unique dimension to the character.

The casting of Ritika and the other young actors was a deliberate choice to ensure that the film remained true to its portrayal of teenage life. Their performances added a layer of authenticity and relatability to the film, making “Boyz” a memorable addition to Marathi cinema.

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Ritika Shrotri’s Performance in “Boyz”

Ritika Shrotri’s portrayal of Grace in “Boyz” is a standout performance that showcases her range as an actress. Her character, Grace, is not just a mere addition to the storyline but a pivotal figure who brings depth and perspective to the narrative. Ritika’s portrayal is nuanced and layered; she perfectly captures the essence of a young girl navigating the complexities of adolescence. Her ability to express a range of emotions, from youth’s innocence and vulnerability to a young woman’s strength and resilience, is commendable. Ritika’s performance is subtle and powerful, leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The audience’s reaction to Ritika’s performance in “Boyz” was overwhelmingly positive. Viewers appreciated her ability to bring a sense of realism and authenticity to the character of Grace. She was praised for her natural acting style and on-screen presence, which many felt was a breath of fresh air in the Marathi film industry. Critics, too, lauded Ritika for her performance. They highlighted her as a promising talent, capable of delivering an emotionally resonant and impactful performance. Her portrayal of Grace was often cited as one of the key factors in the film’s success.

The Impact of “Boyz” on Ritika Shrotri’s Career

“Boyz” marked a significant milestone in Ritika Shrotri’s acting career. Before this film, she was recognized in the Marathi film industry but primarily in smaller roles. Her performance in “Boyz” catapulted her into the limelight, showcasing her as a versatile and talented actress. The film’s success opened up new avenues for her, leading to more prominent roles and opportunities. It established her as a leading young actress in Marathi cinema and set the stage for her to take on more challenging and diverse roles.

After the success of “Boyz”, Ritika Shrotri’s career took an upward trajectory. She began receiving offers for more substantial roles in both films and television. Her performances post “Boyz” have been marked by a continued growth in her acting skills and a willingness to explore different types of characters. Each new role has allowed her to showcase her range as an actress, from playing complex characters to taking on more mainstream roles. Her filmography post “Boyz” demonstrates her versatility and commitment to evolving as an actress.

In various interviews and public appearances, Ritika has often reflected on her experience working in “Boyz” and how it influenced her career. She said, “Boyz was a turning point for me. It gave me a platform to showcase my talent and opened up new opportunities.” In another interview, she mentioned, “The love and recognition I received from ‘Boyz’ were overwhelming. It made me realize a good role’s impact and motivated me to keep improving as an actress.” These statements highlight how “Boyz” was not just another film in her career but a pivotal experience that shaped her journey in the industry.

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Exploring Other Key Performances in “Boyz”

While Ritika Shrotri’s performance in “Boyz” was a standout, the film also featured other remarkable performances that contributed significantly to its success. The lead roles of Kabir, Dhungya, and Dhairya were portrayed by Sumant Shinde, Parth Bhalerao, and Pratik Lad, respectively. Each actor brought a unique flavour to the film, making their characters memorable and relatable.

  • Sumant Shinde as Kabir: Sumant’s portrayal of Kabir was notable for its authenticity and charm. He perfectly captured the nuances of a teenage boy, balancing the character’s mischievous and sensitive sides.
  • Parth Bhalerao as Dhungya: Known for his previous work in Marathi cinema, Parth’s performance as Dhungya added a layer of humour and energy to the film. His comic timing and expressions were particularly appreciated.
  • Pratik Lad as Dhairya: Pratik’s portrayal of Dhairya was marked by its sincerity and depth. He managed to bring out the emotional aspects of his character, adding to the film’s overall impact.

Contribution of Each Character to the Film’s Success

Each character in “Boyz” contributed to the film’s success in their own way:

  • Kabir, Dhungya, and Dhairya: The trio’s portrayal of teenage life’s joys, struggles, and adventures was central to the film’s appeal. Their individual stories and collective experiences formed the backbone of the narrative.
  • Grace (Ritika Shrotri): Grace’s character added a different perspective to the film, bringing elements of maturity, empathy, and a different kind of challenge and complexity to the storyline.
  • Supporting Cast: The supporting cast, including teachers and other students, added depth to the school setting, making the world of “Boyz” more vibrant and realistic.

“Boyz” was a film where each performance, whether lead or supporting, played a vital role in creating a relatable, engaging, and entertaining narrative, contributing to its overall success and appeal.


“Boyz,” a film that emerged as a significant work in Marathi cinema, not only entertained audiences but also showcased the depth of talent within the industry. At the heart of its success was the remarkable performance of Ritika Shrotri as Grace, a role that brought her into the limelight and proved her mettle as a rising star. Her portrayal added a layer of depth and relatability to the film, making her character a memorable part of this cinematic journey.

The film also highlighted the talents of Sumant Shinde, Parth Bhalerao, and Pratik Lad, whose performances as Kabir, Dhungya, and Dhairya, respectively, brought to life the vibrant and dynamic world of adolescence. Their chemistry and Ritika’s contribution created an engaging and emotionally resonant narrative.


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